Delphi Tutors span many ages and come from many disciplines, but the one thing they share is a passion for learning and education.

Delphi was set up by experienced tutors to  help children and adult learners achieve to the very best of their ability. In every new tutor we take on, we look for that same commitment.


Every tutor who comes to work for Delphi goes through a strict application and vetting process, including submitting a transcript of their CV and academic achievements, an in-person or over the web video interview, and an assessment of a sample lesson they've prepared. 

Whether new graduates or career experts, we ensure that all our Tutors have the qualifications and experience necessary to help the child or adult learner they're placed with.

All our tutors are DBS checked.



Each tutor/student relationship is a partnership, and one that we work hard to keep productive and effective.

We match our tutors with our students based on each child's specific temperament, goals and educational needs. Our tutors log every lesson with us in an online tool, with notes on the child's progress and the content covered. Each month, Delphi reviews the notes and contacts parents to make sure that you're happy with your child's progress and with your tutor.

Interested in joining us?

We're always on the lookout for talented new tutors.

If you're keen to start making a difference in people's lives, please email info@delphitutors.co.uk with the subject "New Tutor Enquiry".

If you're looking for tuition for yourself or for a child, please use the form on the Contact Us page to get in touch.